Project Engineer

Project Experience

Greenwich West/110 Charlton St

New 27-story residential building with 167 apartments spread across 225,802 square feet of residential space and 2,800 square foot retail space. Responsible for the design of all exterior components, including the façade system, fenestrations, roofing and energy analysis. Provide construction administration services during construction.

Envelope Construction Cost: $50 Million 

Scholastic Headquarters - 555 & 557 Broadway, NY

Since 2015, managed in excess of 15 projects, including the Mercer St. Sidewalk/ Vault Rehabilitation, Broadway Sidewalk/ Vault Rehabilitation, Design Assist, Mercer St. Storefront Design, Roof Replacement, Local Law 11 Repairs & Investigations.

Construction Cost: $20 Million.

Bank of New York 101 Barclay

Since 2015, managed the following projects: Sidewalk Replacement, Roof Replacement, Local Law 11 and Curtain Wall Investigation.

Provide construction administration services for the sidewalk replacement and roof replacement projects. 

Construction Cost: $8 Million

One Wall Street

Design anchoring for the existing limestone panels, energy analysis of the new curtain wall system and punched windows, design and review laboratory performance testing of punched window units. 

Envelope Construction Cost: $15 Million

Starrett - Lehigh Building

Design the new storefront system on three sides of the ground floor for a total of 600 linear feet. Provide construction details and specifications. 

Storefront Construction Cost: $7 Million

Other Representative Projects

50 Franklin Street - Balcony Investigation

Pfizer, 235 E. 42 St. -Guardrail Replacement

4 New York Plaza - Structural Repairs & 

Exterior Cladding Restoration 

1500 Broadway - Facade Repairs

Ford Foundation - Facade Repairs

277 East 30th Street - Structural Repairs 

255 East 50th Street - Facade Rehabilitation  

503 Broadway - Cast-Iron Facade Repairs

Princeton University - Facade Repairs 

1 Verizon Way - Waterproofing Consultation

Fordham University-Construction Oversight